Editorial Team

Editorial Team

  1. Allison Crawford, Editor-in-Chief
  2. Robin Roger, Senior Editor
  3. Taylor Armstrong, Editor
  4. Pier Bryden, Editor
  5. Rex Kay, Editor
  6. Aaron Orkin, Editor
  7. Lisa Richardson, Editor
  8. Sarah Roger, Editor
  9. Ronald Ruskin, Editor
  10. Eloise Ballou, Student Editor
  11. Suze Berkhout, Student Editor
  12. Lisa Boivin, Student Editor
  13. Debra Hamer, Student Editor
  14. Afarin Hosseini, Student Editor
  15. Marilyn Bittman, Managing Editor
  16. Liz Konigshaus, Editorial Assistant

Founding Editors

  1. Allison Crawford
  2. Rex Kay
  3. Allan Peterkin
  4. Robin Roger
  5. Ronald Ruskin

Advisory Board

  1. J.T.H. Conner
  2. Paul Crawford
  3. Jacalyn Duffin
  4. Rebecca Garden
  5. Jock Murray
  6. Thomas Ogden
  7. Adam Phillips
  8. Robert Pinsky
  9. Mary V. Seeman
  10. Anne Marie Todkill
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We wish to acknowledge the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Munk School of Global Affairs, and Mount Sinai Hospital.

Canada Council for the Arts
Munk School of Global Affairs
Mount Sinai Hospital