Too Much

  • Christine Smith (McFarlane) University of Toronto Alumnus


I’m sitting on a gurney in the emergency room. I’ve lost count of how many visits this makes. It could be my tenth or could be my twentieth. A flimsy blue cotton gown is wrapped around me. I feel the chill from the opening in the back and shiver.

Author Biography

Christine Smith (McFarlane), University of Toronto Alumnus
I am a published writer-with creative pieces published in Growing Up Girl-Voices from Marginalized Spaces, Yellow Medicine Review, Native Literatures: Generations, poetry published in xxx ndn, by the Aboriginal Writer's Collective of Manitoba, Native Literatures: Generations, the Survivor Chronicles and Red Claw Press. I write for various First Nations news outlets, Anishinabek News, First Nations House magazine, New Tribe Magazine and Windspeaker. I love doing all sorts of book reviews!
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