Long Life!


  • Ann Starr Upper Hand Press


Through her association with an obese mentally disabled woman, the author has a revelation allowing her to move beyond interpreting "fat" as a guilt-producing liability to see how it serves some as a reassuring value.

Author Biography

Ann Starr, Upper Hand Press

Cuurently, I am the publisher of Upper Hand Press, a primarily literary press.

In the past I was involved in medical humanities as a visual artist, lecturer (Yale Medical School, Magdalene College Cantab, Rush Presbyterian Hospital etc) teacher (Northwestern and Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago), author of academic papers (Medical Humanities, Journal of Medical Humanities, etc), and visiting artist (U. Chicago Medical School, etc.) 

My book in process, "Artificial Parts," is a collection of essays about the body as autobiography seen variously through the persepectives of medicine, imagination, and personal history.






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