Recipe: Refractory Status Migrainosus


  • Jennifer R. Wolkin NYU Medical Center



Author Biography

Jennifer R. Wolkin, NYU Medical Center

I’m a health and neuro psychologist, and mindfulness-meditation practitioner in private practice and voluntary faculty at NYU Medical Center.  I just started my MFA in creative writing and literary translation at Queens College, and I couldn't be happier about pursuing this dream.  I am an emerging writer. 

I am most passionate about writing at the intersection where the mind, body, brain and spirit meet -about the holistic human experience- through the eyes of both, my own experience, and through my professional lens. I am touched by the profound pain that is both individually and collectively felt, how this pain can displace someone/myself from others and their/our own selves, and yet, the profound capacity for resilience, healing and growth. 

It feels like a calling for me to give voice to those who have sometimes literally lost their brains or parts of it (often, the mind folowing suit) in one way or another, and to also note what it’s like on the “other side of the room” (ie, the clinician’s side), and what that brings up for me, as witness to this pain.  I wish to give voice to the voiceless, through words, and help heal both others and myself in the process.





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